Quake Capital: Startup Accelerator

Role Strategy & Design
Team Michael Chang, Tristan Reed
Company Quake Capital

Quake Capital is a leading start-up accelerator focused on democratizing angel investing and diversifying the industry. Worked with Quake to create digital advertisements and utilize key DSP’s.

As part of a small team of designers, I was tasked with creating a marketing strategy and writing copy that improved their reach with women and P.O.C. potential investors and entrepreneurs.

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After assessing Quake’s “Invest With Us” page, pulled key stats and insights to highlight for an informative infographic page. Worked with Michael Chang to create a closed loop marketing strategy that begins with a clickable display ad – then an infographic white page – and finally a “Call to Action” link to Quake’s “Invest With Us” page.

The purpose of the infographic and website redesigns are to continue to position Quake for upcoming digital platforms and provide helpful information to the industry they’re working to change.

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