Courtnie : Artist Management

Role Artist Manager
Team Courtnie Henson, Simone Capers
Company Courtnie Henson LLC

Courtnie blends her early St. Louise and Chicago roots with her LA USC studies at her current home base in Brooklyn, NY. Courtnie uses her verbal prose to draw beautiful hues of imagery with hypnotically luring vocals.

As part of her management team, worked with Courtnie to partner with other producers and artist, book shows, find publications, design electronic press kits, and further advance her career.

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Worked closely with Courtnie to secure several publications for past releases Try, Heart's Desire and I Feel Like Color - EP. Was a part of securing shows across the U.S, radio press, producers, and key influencer promotions.

Handled day-to-day management for Courtnie. Was in charge of organizing her assets, maintaining schedule, and executing goals. Communicated with industry professionals and established relationships for future strategies.

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